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Meditations to Manage Subtle and Gross Winds

  • Windhorse Community Services 1200 Yarmouth Ave, Unit C-1B Boulder, CO 80304 USA (map)

The traditional Tibetan Medical system, Sowa Rigpa is inseparable from the Buddhist practices which help calm and place the mind, relax the nervous system and cultivate a mind of enlightenment based in balance and wellness. The precious human body must be maintained in order to minimize distractions to our meditation from pain and suffering. By learning to work with the “wind and channels” we can purify the subtle and gross channels through which meditation practices can transform and awaken one’s Vajra body and Buddha nature. 

This Sunday teaching will be given by Dr Nashalla G Nyinda, Menpa TMD who will give instruction about subtle and gross winds, breathing practices and mediation practice. All of these practices are designed as the greatest of medicine, the medicine of Dharma. The goal is always to increase and stabilize mediation, while simultaneously regulating the nervous system, both on and off the cushion. 

Free to attend - all are welcome and will benefit long time Buddhist practitioners and beginners alike! Donations appreciated. 

Windhorse Community Services
1200 Yarmouth Ave, Unit C-1B
Boulder Colorado 80304
For visual reference - First space to the east of the Bacco restaurant with entrances either from Yarmouth or parking lot on the south side