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  • Windhorse Community Services 1200 Yarmouth Ave, Unit C-1B Boulder, CO 80304 USA (map)

Ever heard the famous mantra Om mani Padme Hung? Then you have heard the blessing of Chenrezig’s mantra! 

Reciting Chenrezig’s mantra brings vast and immeasurable benefits. In brief, if you recite the long mantra even just once, it purifies the negative karma of the four root downfalls of pratimoksha (individual liberation through discipline) meaning it keeps you on track with a aim for liberation of self. You also can purify the negative karma of the ten non-virtues of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, slander, gossip and harsh speech, covetousness, ill will and heresy.

If one recite the long mantra seven times, one-hundred lifetimes of negative karma is purified. If you recite the long mantra twenty-one times it purifies 1one-thousand eons of negative karma. If you recite the long mantra one-hundred-eight times, or just one round of one mala, it purifies forty-thousand eons of negative karma.

No wonder this is such a poplar and common mantra in the Tibetan Buddhist culture! This was a practice session requested to be given by Khenpo Jigme for the Center and general public due to its enormous benefits.

Join our free Sunday morning teaching this April with our guest teacher Clark Johnson, who has been a devoted and close student of VV Thrangu Rinpoche for over three decades. Learn more about this simple practice which aids in cultivating compassion. 

Free to attend - all are welcome and will be of benefit to both long time Buddhist practitioners and beginners alike! Donations welcome.

Windhorse Community Services
1200 Yarmouth Ave, Unit C-1B
Boulder Colorado 80304

For visual reference - First space to the east of the Bacco restaurant with entrances either from Yarmouth or parking lot on the south side.

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